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This is the new incarnation of my blog. My old blog was hosted on, but I decided that my dislike of typing in web-based forms is one of the main reasons I never post to it any more, so I moved everything to my own server and made it into a set of simple static pages generated automatically from markdown source files.

There is no mechanism for comments. If you wish to discuss any of my posts head over to the subreddit I created for this purpose: r/nuclears_hacks.

I've moved all my old posts here, each one has a link to the original wordpress post in case you want to read any comments that were posted under it.

Weird SGI VPro bug20 April 2024
SEGA megadrive toolchain setup5 January 2024
VT320 terminal repair18 November 2023
OpenGL Indexed Color20 August 2022
Octal is occasionally very useful3 October 2021
Multi-platform experiments in framebuffer drawing performance20 May 2021
Firefox drops ALSA; apulse to the rescue11 December 2017
Catching up: homebrew retro computer projects (Z80 and 68010)4 December 2017
Catching up: SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis) PAL/NTSC mod4 December 2017
Catching up: Amiga hardware hacks of 20174 December 2017
Proper Oculus Rift DK2 setup on GNU/Linux2 April 2015
Initial thoughts on Vulkan6 March 2015
Tutorial: Practical makefiles, by example9 February 2015
How to use standard output streams for logging in android apps3 November 2014
OculusVR SDK and simple oculus rift DK2 / OpenGL test program7 September 2014
Fixing old bugs, without the source22 April 2014
Plugin reloading for 3dsmax exporters25 March 2014
Calculating hierarchical animation transformation matrices8 December 2013
Generating multiple sample positions per pixel3 November 2012
Color space linearity and gamma correction26 October 2012
Simple color-grading for games22 October 2012
Dungeon crawler game prototype16 October 2012
PCB Etching2 March 2012
VSync-driven shutter glasses2 March 2012
OpenGL video editing hack19 October 2011
Stereoscopic fun on iOS11 September 2011
WebGL hacks21 June 2011
Escaping glutMainLoop14 May 2011
Linuxtrack 6dof headtracking for wine games27 February 2011
Kernel Development from Scratch3 February 2011
Serial Spaceball and Spacenavd7 June 2010
Wacom Hacking21 February 2010
Stereoscopic OpenGL part26 January 2010
OpenGL stereoscopic anaglyphs and patents30 October 2009
FreeGLUT spaceball patch16 October 2009
S-ray goes public4 October 2009
s-ray: caustics through photon mapping2 September 2009
Spacenavd 0.424 July 2009
Sray raytracer under development12 June 2009
Raytracing Anamorphic Images8 March 2009
Third OpenGL article11 January 2009
Introductory OpenGL tutorials continued5 November 2008
Introductory OpenGL tutorials3 September 2008
Does vi rule or what?15 August 2008
Spacenav Project23 March 2008
3D VR Headtracking test3 February 2008
First Headtracking Test21 January 2008
Automatic Class Diagram Generation13 December 2007

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