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My name is John Tsiombikas (alternate spelling: Tsiompikas) and I'm a hacker. Most of the time I'm hacking on computer graphics, sometimes operating systems and kernel code, and lately a bit of electronics.

If you want to talk to me, drop me an email at (also here's a complete list of all my past and current email addresses). Send me only proper plain-text emails hard-wrapped at 72 columns, or prepare to meet my bit-bucket.

You may use my GPG key (fingerprint: 7911 86F0 D58B 5487 EB91 82D6 B4AF 109C 4174 CFF2) to send me encrypted messages. It's also available on public keyservers.

Other than this web page I've got a blog, some videos on youtube, a picassa photo album, and I post on twitter.

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Some of the following hacks are release-quality and useful, and some are quick&dirty hacks I happen to quite like. The lists under each category are not exhaustive, click on the top-level links for more hacks. I also started mirroring some of my projects on github.

In rare occasions I write code for other people's projects. The only recurring one is freeglut.


Here's a list of articles I've written (apart from whatever is on my blog):

I had written some more for the now defunct web site. I'll try to collect them locally and post them here soon.