3dengfx - realtime visualization system

Reflective pyramid This is a shot of a pyramid of reflective spheres, each one reflecting the environment, one-another, and the floor beneath them. There is also a short video clip of the same scene (xvid ~2.3mb).
Galaxy A rather nice looking galaxy made of particles. short video clip available (xvid ~1.9mb).
Eternal / The Lab This is a shot from a demo by The Lab which used a very old version of 3dengfx, even older than version 0.1.
Sobel edge
					detection A sobel edge detection post-processing effect applied on a simple test scene.
					System This is a shot of the particle systems of 3dengfx in action.
					system editor Another particle system shot, this time inside an under development particle system editor. Particle definitions can be saved by such a tool (or written by hand, it's a simple text format), and be subsequently loaded by 3dengfx to be put into any scene.
Refraction A test scene with a sphere in the center, reflecting and refracting the environment with fresnel (the reflection is really subtle where the incident angle is large). Note: the sphere is just a test object, it can be applied to any kind of geometry as it uses cube maps for capturing the environment. The cube map is calculated automatically by 3dengfx with a flip of a switch so to speak :)