3dengfx - realtime visualization system

About 3dengfx

3dengfx is a realtime visualization system, commonly refered to as 3d engine, that provides a framework to help you easily create 3d graphics programs. 3dengfx provides various abstraction layers presenting a very easy way to do most useful tasks, and at the same time it is designed to be versatile enough to give you the ability to bypass any of these abstractions in case they don't provide the needed functionality. Furthermore, 3dengfx is very good as a building block to create any functionality that you need on top of it; and the fact that it is licensed under the terms of a free software license (GPL) makes it possible to adapt it to fit your needs.

3dengfx is cross-platform, it uses the OpenGL cross-platform graphics library as the means of accessing the underlying graphics hardware, and can be used with the native windowing system (X11/win32), or a number of cross-platform libraries like SDL, GLUT, or GTK+ as the means of abstraction from the various window system mechanisms.