3dengfx - realtime visualization system

Mini 3dengfx demo released

Summer Hack, a realtime demo made with 3dengfx was released by the demogroup The Lab Demos showing off, among other effects, the extensive particle system capabilities of 3dengfx, geometry generation (primitives and surfaces of revolution), the volumetric visualization capabilities (marching cubes polygonization), and of course the demo sequencing system.

Full source code included under the GPL, as well as binaries for x86 GNU/Linux and Windows.

Preparing for 3dengfx 0.5

Now that we completed the migration to berlios, we are preparing for the long overdue next 3dengfx release. This release will be numbered 0.5, skipping a few decimals from the previous 0.1 because of the ammount of changes between the two releases. In fact we could easily make it a bigger skip considering the difference from 0.1.

For now you can download a pre-release version, or get the latest code from our subversion repository. See download section for details.

Moved to berlios

The project has moved to the project hosting service of berlios. This means that the subversion repository is no longer situated on my personal computer and therefore it is more accessible by others. Also we now have a bug tracking system, a forum and various other goodies.

News update

There are some important announcements that I have to make, first of all we have a new developer on the project. Mihalis Georgoulopoulos (aka Samurai / Reversed Engineers) has joined the team.

The second important announcement is that with the arrival of Mihalis, the absence of documentation made itself apparent once again, thus we started an effort to document the library. You can see the first stages of this effort at the documentation section that 'till now was empty.

The library now contains some major additions from the version 0.1, and soon, after I finish the new particle system, a new version will be released. Until that time comes, if you feel a bit adventurous, it would be best to get the latest development version from my svn repository instead of 0.1, see the download section for details.