Nuclear's WebGL hacks

I've been having fun with WebGL lately, here are my experiments in reverse-chronological order. You need a WebGL-capable browser such as Firefox 4.0, Chrome 10, etc.

Note for windows users: you might encounter problems with the default settings and need to enable native OpenGL rendering:

Copyright: John Tsiombikas © 2011-2018. All the code is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (or any later version released by the free software foundation). See the full text of the license for more details.

Strange starfish

starfish A strange groovy starfish shape rendered with distance field ray-marching

Bumpy tunnel

tunnel Classic tunnel effect with bump mapping and some flying text.

Panorama viewer

panoramaview 360-panorama viewer for the panoramas I shoot with my ipod.

4D Julia quaternion fractal raytracer

webrtjulia Visualization of a projection of the 4D Julia quaternion fractal onto a 3D hyperplane, rendered using distance field ray-marching based on Hart's Julia distance estimation method.


test01 First WebGL test. Used for testing while writing sanegl and glass, to make my life easier.

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