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Kernel development from scratch

written by John Tsiombikas

I started this series of articles for a new greek magazine called linux inside. The magazine aspires to appeal to a larger audience than other similar magazines, and attract those of us who enjoy programming and would like to delve deeper into it.

The aim of course is not to cover every little detail about kernel development, but rather to create a simple kernel which will act as a stepping stone for further experimentation, in order to gain a deeper understanding of operating system programming.

We shall not expend ourselves to purely theoretical discussions about kernel development, rather we will pull our shleeves up, and start writing a small and simple kernel from scratch. Although that kernel hasn't got a chance to become really useful and complete, it can still teach us the basics of kernel programming, low-level hardware management, and above all supply us with endless fun and intensive hacking :)

This site will host the supplemental source code for each article, which is an essential reference while reading the articles since the articles will refer to it all the time. Only small snippets of code will be included in the actual text, since it would be impossible to fit all of it in the limited space available for each article. The source code is released under the GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

Finally, the articles themselves are going to be published here, about a month or two after initial publication in the magazine, when each issue goes out of circulation. So, even if you missed an issue, you can still continue following the series without a problem. The articles will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license, which allows free redistribution with or without modifications, under the same terms.