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My name is John Tsiombikas (alternate spelling: Tsiompikas) and I'm a hacker. Most of the time I'm hacking on computer graphics, sometimes operating systems and kernel code, and lately a bit of electronics.

If you want to talk to me, drop me an email at (also here's a complete list of all my past and current email addresses). Send me only proper plain-text emails hard-wrapped at 72 columns, or prepare to meet my bit-bucket.

You may use my GPG key (fingerprint: 7911 86F0 D58B 5487 EB91 82D6 B4AF 109C 4174 CFF2) to send me encrypted messages. It's also available on public keyservers.

Other than this web page I've got some videos on youtube, a blog which is now hosted here as well, and a twitter account, mostly for announcements.

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Software Hacks

Once I tried to maintain a list of hacks and projects in this section. Then I realized the futility of keeping the list up to date, and dropped it.

Nowadays I'm hosting most of my projects on github, so just go there for the most useful of the lot.

A few of my old projects are on sourceforge, along with freeglut, which is not one of my personal projects; I'm just one of its current maintainers.

I'm also self-hosting a bunch of mercurial, and git repos for my more experimental, or less widely useful/interesting hacks. Some of these have been since moved to github when they became more fleshed out, and I never bothered removing the original repos, so check on github first if you find something interesting here.

I've been involved in the demoscene. I've been a member of The Lab and Mindlapse under the alias nuclear, and as a member of the joke group MLFC under the alias code ninja. Here's a list of demoscene productions I've released:

Finally feel free to browse the software directory of my web site, for various web pages dedicated to some of my software hacks

Hardware Hacks

I'm very interested in homebrew computers. So far I made a rudimentary Z80 computer, and a more usable Motorola 68000 computer.

Recently I acquired an Amiga 500, and I found it very easy and enjoyable to extend it, in order to facilitate my software hacking. Head over to my Amiga hardware hacks section for more details.

Most of my hardware hacks don't have a dedicated website. But you can find videos about them on my youtube channel. Also something might pop up in the hardware hacks directory in the future, so feel free to browse there if you're so inclined.


Here's a list of articles I've written (apart from whatever is on my blog) in reverse chronological order: