GoatKit is a widget toolkit library designed for creating user interface screens in OpenGL games.

It's simple in the sense that it doesn't provide complex GUI hierarchies. Instead of windows, it's based on non-overlapping screens with widgets on them. However it's fully animatable, and themable, which are extremely important for making flashy UIs for the various game menu and options screens.

Themable: the library itself doesn't do any drawing at all. Widget drawing is instead left to plugin themes (simple shared libraries/dlls), which can completely define the visuals and animations of any kind of widget. The intention is to have a different theme made for each game, that fits the game's particular visual style. Theme plugins can also be compiled as part of the application, for ease of use where loading external plugins would be inconvenient.

Animatable: all typically boolean properties in regular toolkits, such as being visible, active, or hovered, are floating point values in the [0, 1] interval instead of being of type bool. This allows the theme to vary the visual properties such as blending, position, scale or whatever else based on these values. So widgets can expand into visibility, slowly glow while being hovered over, or whatever else the particular theme needs.


Simple theme Simple theme
Simple example themeMobile theme


Copyright (C) 2014 John Tsiombikas <nuclear@mutantstargoat.com>
You may use, modify, and redistribute GoatKit, with or without modifications, under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3, or (at your option) any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. See COPYING and COPYING.LESSER in the source archive for more details.


GitHub: https://github.com/jtsiomb/goatkit