emurom - ROM emulator board

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The purpose of emurom is to make it fast and convenient to hack code in ROMs without having to repeatedly remove and reprogram an actual ROM chip.

Emurom is a board which connects through USB to a host computer, and can be connected in place of a parallel ROM chip on a target device. It acts as a ROM chip, but holds its data in a static RAM, which can be updated at any time through the USB connection. Optionally it can provide power (5v) to the device by shorting a jumper, and it also has a lead to clip to the reset signal of the target device, to automatically reboot it when a new ROM image is uploaded.

Hardware design (kicad) and source code (firmware/host program) can be found in the emurom git repository on github. Grab a copy with:

git clone https://github.com/jtsiomb/emurom

Or download the release archive which also includes the schematic PDF, gerbers for PCB manufacture, datasheets for all the components, and pre-compiled binaries for the firmware and host program:

Latest release: emurom rev2 (mirror)


Copyright (C) 2020 John Tsiombikas <nuclear@mutantstargoat.com>

All hardware designs in this project are free/open hardware. Feel free to manufacture, sell, use, modify and/or redistribute, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license (CC BY-SA).

All software in this project (firmware and host upload program) are free software. Feel free to use, modify and/or redistribute under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3, or at your option any later version published by the Free Software foundation. See `LICENSE.sw` for details.


Emurom rev2 schematic in PDF format.

schematic PNG image

Printed Circuit Board

Gerber files for manufacturing the PCB.

Preview of the printed circuit board revision 2 with the ground planes removed for clarity:


Bill of materials

To build emurom, you'll need the following components:

1U1 ATmega328P AVR microcontrollerTQFP 32
1U2 MCP2221 USB-serial converterSOIC 14
1U3 74HCT157 quad 2-1 multiplexerSOIC 16
2U4,U574HCT595 8-bit shift register w/3-state outputSOIC 16
1U6 UM61512AK 64k static RAM (or other similar 64k SRAMs)PDIP 32
3U7,U8,U974HCT244 octal 3-state bufferSOIC 20
2C1,C222 pF ceramic capacitor0805
11C3-C130.1 uF ceramic capacitor0805
2R1,R2330 Ohm resistor0805
6R3-R84.7 kOhm resistor0805
2D3,D41N4148 signal diodes0805
1Y114.7456 quartz crystal7.6x4.1mm SMD
3JP1-JP32-pin male header (jumper pins)
1J16-pin (2x3) male header or IDC connector 2.54mm pitch
1J2molex 105017-1001 micro-USB (type B) connector
1U10,J3 24-pin (2x12) male header or IDC connector 2.54mm pitch
1U11,J5 28-pin (2x14) male header or IDC connector 2.54mm pitch
1J71-pin male header

3D printed case

There's also a case you can 3D print to put the emurom board inside. The archive includes the FreeCAD project file, and 3D-printable geometry in STL format for the top and bottom parts.