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author John Tsiombikas <nuclear@member.fsf.org>
date Tue, 21 Apr 2015 04:33:02 +0300
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nuclear@11 1 tinyweb - tiny web server library and daemon
nuclear@11 2 ============================================
nuclear@11 3
nuclear@11 4 The tinyweb project includes a rudimentary web server in library form
nuclear@11 5 (libtinyweb), and a simple web server daemon (tinywebd) which uses it.
nuclear@11 6
nuclear@11 7 Author: John Tsiombikas <nuclear@member.fsf.org>
nuclear@11 8
nuclear@11 9 I disclaim all copyright to this program, and place it in the public domain.
nuclear@13 10 Feel free to use it any way you like. Mentions and retaining the attribution
nuclear@13 11 headers at the top of the source code would be appreciated, but not required.
nuclear@13 12
nuclear@13 13 Feel free to send me an email if you find a cool use for this code.
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nuclear@11 15 Download
nuclear@11 16 --------
nuclear@11 17 Latest release: no releases yet, just grab the source from the repo.
nuclear@11 18
nuclear@11 19 Code repository: https://github.com/jtsiomb/tinyweb
nuclear@11 20
nuclear@11 21 Usage
nuclear@11 22 -----
nuclear@11 23 See ``src/main.c`` as an example on how to use libtinyweb, and read the header
nuclear@11 24 file ``libtinyweb/src/tinyweb.h`` which is very simple, and heavily commented.
nuclear@14 25
nuclear@14 26 It will serve everything under the current working directory. Default port is
nuclear@14 27 8080.
nuclear@14 28
nuclear@14 29 Bugs
nuclear@14 30 ----
nuclear@14 31 Issues that I intend to fix or improve at some point:
nuclear@14 32
nuclear@14 33 - Only GET and HEAD HTTP requests are currently implemented.
nuclear@14 34 - Doesn't support partial downloads.
nuclear@14 35 - It's supposed to be cross platform, but it isn't yet (UNIX only).
nuclear@14 36
nuclear@14 37 Issues that are the way they are by design:
nuclear@14 38
nuclear@14 39 - Tinywebd is not really a daemon (doesn't release controlling terminal).
nuclear@14 40 - Doesn't scale well to lots of simultaneous clients (to keep it simple).