Help: identify

hg identify [-nibtB] [-r REV] [SOURCE]

aliases: id

identify the working copy or specified revision

    Print a summary identifying the repository state at REV using one or two
    parent hash identifiers, followed by a "+" if the working directory has
    uncommitted changes, the branch name (if not default), a list of tags, and
    a list of bookmarks.

    When REV is not given, print a summary of the current state of the

    Specifying a path to a repository root or Mercurial bundle will cause
    lookup to operate on that repository/bundle.

    Returns 0 if successful.


 -r --rev REV       identify the specified revision
 -n --num           show local revision number
 -i --id            show global revision id
 -b --branch        show branch
 -t --tags          show tags
 -B --bookmarks     show bookmarks
 -e --ssh CMD       specify ssh command to use
    --remotecmd CMD specify hg command to run on the remote side
    --insecure      do not verify server certificate (ignoring web.cacerts

use "hg -v help identify" to show more info