Help: branch

hg branch [-fC] [NAME]

set or show the current branch name

       Branch names are permanent and global. Use "hg bookmark" to create a
       light-weight bookmark instead. See "hg help glossary" for more
       information about named branches and bookmarks.

    With no argument, show the current branch name. With one argument, set the
    working directory branch name (the branch will not exist in the repository
    until the next commit). Standard practice recommends that primary
    development take place on the 'default' branch.

    Unless -f/--force is specified, branch will not let you set a branch name
    that already exists, even if it's inactive.

    Use -C/--clean to reset the working directory branch to that of the parent
    of the working directory, negating a previous branch change.

    Use the command "hg update" to switch to an existing branch. Use "hg
    commit --close-branch" to mark this branch as closed.

    Returns 0 on success.


 -f --force set branch name even if it shadows an existing branch
 -C --clean reset branch name to parent branch name

use "hg -v help branch" to show more info